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Market moving events occur around the clock. With Eikon for Iphone and Android, you can stay connected with a mobile experience that is synchronized with your desktop, providing instant access to industry analysis and the actionable information you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Content and features

Know what’s happening - always

Alerts help you see – and seize – profitable opportunities ahead of your competitors. This powerful function lets you customize alerts on stocks, hedge funds, foreign exchange and more.

Instant access to streaming prices

Using the most current and accurate pricing data is key to driving profits – which is exactly what Eikon delivers. It gives you access to a huge range of streaming prices for multiple assets.

Market-moving reporting and commentary

Reuters goes beyond breaking news, offering insight and depth that drive better financial decisions. Be the first to know, and act on, key economic news, political events and even weather reports.

Web access

Access a selection of the most important features and information you depend on, via the web without having to install a desktop or mobile application. Features include: real-time news and data; access to portfolios and lists; alerts; and Messenger.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Google Chrome Extension

Easy access to relevant and timely Eikon content and capabilities, whilst you browse the web using Google Chrome. Seamlessly access Eikon capabilities via the Google Chrome SmartMenu. Use the powerful “Analyze this” capability to scan through a webpage and extract related content from Eikon for companies, industries, countries and people profiles.

Technical specs

Everything you need for downloading Thomson Reuters Eikon onto your computer or hand-held device 

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